Kyo Ya

Hiding in a basement of an East Village townhouse, this one may be a little challenge to find. No signs are in front, and it seems there is no intention to welcome first timers like me. I found it by spotting a pair of chopsticks between the brown window blinds. This is similar to Kyoto where restaurants often are hidden within a busy marketplace.


I ordered sake, Koku Ryu, as a starter, which is hard to find even in Japan. The menu was like a treasure box of Japanese authentic cuisine. I chose assorted sashimi (5 or 6 pieces), Kurobuta Kakuni slowly cooked pure berkshire pork belly, Black Cod Miso Glaze, and rice with miso soup. I believe that today’s highlight is having super fresh sashimi with Koku Ryu, Sake from Fukui. It is famous for best match with seasonal seafood.


Price: $117.58 for my selection

Dinning alone: Slightly uncomfortable, but counter is available

Dress code: High-end casual

Reservation: Strongly recommended

Atmosphere: Cozy modern Japanese architecture with warm woods. Quiet environment, excellent for an anniversary or special occasion. You can enjoy “Kyoto” feeling.


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