Hanamizuki Cafe

While I was walking toward Penn Station, I stumbled across a café with a bright white façade.   For some reason I immediately sensed this was a Japanese restaurant, even before seeing the menu or name. I couldn’t stop myself from entering, and except for the size, all features of the restaurant reminded me of Tokyo.

They offer a combination plate at a reasonable price. One can select two Omusubis (rice balls) from a variety of savory selections along with a soup made from different, innovative miso-fusion recipes. I got Kinoko Omusubi and Beef Oinari-San from Omusubi selections. Kinoko Omusubi contains pieces of mushrooms and zucchini in soy tasted rice. Beef Oinari is a sushi filled into deep fried tofu, flavoured with beef shigure-ni. I saw more unique Omusubis on the menu such as Italian, Hawaiian. It seemed all sold out by the time I was there; I definitely want to try these next time.



Price: $10-$20 per person, Neighbourhood: Midtown

Dress code: Casual, Dining Alone: Comfortable, no concern

Cleanliness: 5 stars, outstanding

Take out: Yes


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