Tako Grill (Bethesda, MD)

I have previously introduced several restaurants in Washington, DC area, and Tako Grill is another one on the list. This restaurant used to be my favorite place when I visited DC at its previous location on Wisconsin Avenue in Bethesda, Maryland. I recently had a chance to visit their new location on Hampden Lane for the first time. It is tucked in a small shopping area adjacent to Bethesda Row and while the space is smaller it appears more open and bright. I personally like the open grill concept so I can watch the food being prepared. The food is the same quality as before and the service is very good, too.


I took local friends and we ordered lots of different dishes to share. The izakaya menu has a great selection of home-style Japanese foods, and I know that whatever I order the taste and quality will be consistent. We ordered Nasu Itame (stir-fried eggplant and pork with a miso paste), Ohitashi (quick boiled spinach in soy sauce), and gyoza. Each dish tasted homemade and prepared with the freshest of ingredients. Tako Grill is a great place to try if you happen to be in the Washington, DC metro area. It is a short walk from the Bethesda Metro station (Red Line) and parking is also available for a charge out front.



Price: $40 per person for this evening

Neighborhood: Bethesda

Dress code: Casual

Dining alone: Yes, nice sushi counter is available

Takeout/Delivery: Yes

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