I found Hinata unexpectedly when my friend and I were walking toward Hide-chan or Totto for ramen. It is a tiny place with a cafe sort of feel, so at first we could not tell if this was a ramen place or somewhere to get a boost of caffeine. But we soon noticed that this was an authentic ramen restaurant managed by Japanese. According to their website, Hinata uses organic chicken for their broth and optional add-ins/toppings, and the sliced Berkshire pork, or Kurobuta, is accompanied with bean sprouts. MSG is not found in any of the dishes. For the noodles, one can select them as thick and wavy, thin straight ones, wavy vegan, or made from rice.


There were other interesting selections on the menu other than ramen. My friend ordered a Pork Don which is shredded pork on rice; he liked it so much that he mentioned that he would return just to get the pork dish again. We both felt like Hinata was more like an izakaya restaurant instead of a ramen bar.


Price: Ramen starting $12.5-

Neighbourhood:Midtown East

Cash Only, There is an ATM machine inside the restaurant

Dining alone: Yes

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