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After a great concert at Lincoln Center my friends from Texas and I were hungry and not willing to go back home with a craving for more Japanese food. Yakitori Totto in the aforementioned post was absolutely perfect, but at this time we were in the mood for ramen. And given that Texas isn’t exactly known for its ramen, I wanted to take them somewhere where I knew the noodles would be delicious.


I have been Totto Ramen on the East Side a few times already, but I had never been to the location in Hell’s Kitchen. It was a little before midnight and the wait was about 15-20 minutes; we placed our order outside which saved a little time when we were seated. As always, I ordered my standard miso ramen. Chicken broth is normally lighter than pork (tonkatsu or tonkotsu) broth which I like more. Here they offered a thick and creamy soup but never tasted greasy. The broth was very flavorful and lighter than typical broths made from meat.


There were other interesting selections on the menu that were not ramen. One of my friends wanted to try something different and ordered a Pork Don and a pork bun. The former is shredded pork on rice and the bun contained delicious pork belly. And even though Totto Ramen is a true ramen restaurant, my friend said he would return just to get the pork dishes again.

It was almost 1:30 am when we finished eating and there was still a line to get in when we left! I highly recommend this small, cozy restaurant. And having visited two of the busiest Japanese restaurants in the city in one day I felt accomplished!!


Price: $14+ for ramen, Cash Only

Neighborhood: Hell’s Kitchen

Dress code: Casual

Noise level: Lively

Dining alone: Yes, counter is available

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    1. ninjanyc Post author

      I know! In fact, I went there and had a nikumiso (niku:meat) ramen and gyoza. They use noodles from Ippudo. I will write about the experience shortly.

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