Japan Week 2016

Japan Week is back at Grand Central Terminal on March 10-12, 2016! This year, discover Hokkaido and Northern Tohoku, home to natural and man-made wonders that even seasoned travelers miss.

However, for food lovers, I really need to highlight the Conveyor Belt Sushi section that called “kaiten-zushi” in Japanese, chefs place freshly prepared sushi on a rotating belt so that diners can easily reach for their favourite dishes. Kaiten-Zushi has been a prominent part of Japanese culture for decades, and they are demonstrating at Japan Week. Don’t miss the unique opprotunity!


(Picture from Japan Week 2015)


Date : March 10-12, 2016

Place: Grand Central Terminal Vanderbilt Hall


2 thoughts on “Japan Week 2016

  1. Dongben

    Thanks for the reminder. I went there last year. Foods were all gone when I got grand central after work.
    Be there early.


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