Douzo – Boston

I previously introduced several Japanese restaurants in Washington, DC, as the city is one of the most visited destinations by business travellers from NYC. This time, I would like to introduce a Japanese restaurant in another popular city –Boston. Interestingly enough, when I order sushi and sashimi in Japanese restaurants in NYC I often notice that the fish comes from Boston. I had been looking forward to visiting Boston so I could try Japanese food there. Fortunately a recent business trip afforded me the opportunity to do so, and after a little research I picked Douzo for my dinner destination.


According to my research prior to the trip, I felt Douzo should definitely be one of the higher-end and higher quality sushi restaurants in Boston. A lot of the reviews suggested making a reservation in advance – even on weekdays. But if you plan to go solo, I would suggest finding a cozy seat at the bar where you can still order a full menu.


For starters I opted for grilled sweet corn, which was flavored with soy, chili powder, and butter. After that I selected salmon tartar. I was expecting the salmon to be prepared ‘Quebec’ style, which is typically minced, however, here it was cubed and equally delicious. For my main entrée I ordered sashimi and was amazed at how large their cuts of fish were – nearly two or three times thicker that comparable restaurants in New York City. Each piece was very juicy and perfectly fatty, and the standouts for me were salmon, fatty tuna, and yellow tail.



Price: $60 for all of my selections + one beer and tip

Neighborhood: Boston Back Bay

Dress code: Smart casual

Dining alone: Yes, a nice bar/counter is available

Take Out: Yes

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