Teriyaki Boy

When I was looking for a casual Japanese Yakitori place for a Happy Hour gathering with friends, I discovered that Teriyaki Boy opened earlier this year on 45th Street between First and Second Avenues. I had heard that Teriyaki Boy was a great and inexpensive lunch option in the Midtown area back when it used to be on 48th and 7th Avenues till few years ago.


The new Teriyaki Boy is open for both lunch and dinner. For lunch, it is mostly take-out selections of chicken, salmon, steak, or vegetables – all including rice and a small salad. Prices start at $8.50, and they offer combination options (half chicken and half salmon for example). The portion size is very filling and satisfying – an overall excellent value if you are looking for a great lunch option. I have been five times already!

In the evenings the layout changes and becomes a standing yakitori bar. If you are craving yakitori as I was, I would say this is the go-to place for you. One’s appetite is tempted (or stimulated!) as soon as you enter and smell the charcoal grill. Traditional yakitori such as Momo, Tsukune and Negima are offered and all were equally delicious.


Price: $8.50 and up for lunch box, $3-5 per yakitori dinnertime.

Neighborhood: Midtown East

Dress code: Casual

Dining alone: Comfortable, standing bar in evenings

Takeout: Yes


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