Aburiya Kinnosuke

I used to often go to robata restaurants when I lived in Tokyo — especially in wintertime. “Robata-yaki” translates literally in to “fireside cooking” where food items on metal skewers are slow grilled over hot charcoals. Aburiya Kinnosuke is one restaurant that offers the traditional robata style in NYC Traditionally the food consists of a variety of meats, seafood, and vegetables.


Robatayaki is the perfect option for cold, winter New York nights. I attempted for three consecutive weekends to book a dinner reservation without success – all available times were grabbed by others who had the same idea. Now summer is approaching! Instead I had success by going for lunch.  The menu for lunch was surprisingly great. They offered a variety of Japanese traditional cuisine, which also included miso soup, rice, and dessert. I picked the “Chef’s Choice Lunch Special” whereby only 10 sets are available daily. I considered myself lucky to have teishoku of Buri-Daikon, which is simmered yellowtail. Cooked with daikon radishes in a ginger soy sauce. I also added three kinds of sashimi, just cost less than $10. I would say that you may not find any other Japanese restaurant to offer this type of quality food in NYC for lunch – especially with this price range. I will keep looking for an opportunity to book for dinner!



Price: Most lunch sets are priced less than $20

Neighborhood: Midtown

Dress code: Casual, although most clients are business professional (at lunch time)

Dining alone: Possible, but recommended for group dinners if you would like to experience an authentic Tokyo style with private nooks

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