Documentary: Wa-Shoku ~Beyond Sushi~

“Wa-Shoku – Beyond Sushi,” is a passionate documentary of the men and women who dedicated themselves to spreading Washoku throughout America. Washoku means Japanese traditional cuisine. Washoku has been added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2013, raising Japanese people hopes of enhancing its global recognition.

Today, Japanese food has entered in to the main stream and gained popularity in NYC. However, sometimes I ask myself what are the ingredients contained in my ordered food, and how does the restaurant handle raw fish as sashimi-grade seafood requires sensitive and delicate handling. One of my motivations to start this blog was to share my experiences with authentic, high-quality Japanese cuisine here in NYC. This film really helps people to understand what the real Washoku is.

Screening began on Friday, April 24 and will run through Thursday, April 30 at Cinema Village in Manhattan. Restaurants and chefs in NYC are featured in this film! After the show, I had a chance to speak with one of the producers and his team. We exchanged information about Japanese restaurants in NYC, and I was honored that they accepted my recommendation of Wasan for their first dinner in the city!





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    1. ninjanyc Post author

      People in DC will definitely enjoy the film and that could be possible. Their website says that screening was extended for few days in LA due to popular demand.

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