Bento Sushi NYC

Have you had a chance to enjoy cherry blossoms?

Another restaurant offering a good selection of take out Japanese food is Bento Sushi NYC. A New Yorker for over 20 years told me this restaurant was already in business when he moved to the city in the late 90s.  Normally I avoid take-out sushi ANYWHERE outside of Japan, but Bento Sushi NYC is different.  This place is a great find and definitely worth a visit.


One of my favorite items is Ikura, which is difficult to find locally, especially in a casual restaurant.  It was visually appealing and equally delicious.  And fortunately for me this location is close to my office where I can stop by after a long day at work — similar to what I used to do when I lived in Japan.

Neighborhood: Midtown

Dress code: Casual

Dining alone: Very comfortable as it is a deli style

Takeout: Yes



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