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I miss Japan in the spring and always try to visit, at least for a few days, each springtime season regardless of where I live.  I don’t want to miss the flowering beauty of thousands of cherry trees, or sakura, that signify that winter is finally over.  A traditional custom of enjoying the transient beauty of flowers, particularly cherry blossoms, is called hanami.  Hanami parties are basically picnics beneath the sakura during daytime and also at night. I used to enjoy bento boxes of food and beer with friends for hanami, and I am eager to learn if there are hanami parties in NYC!


Bento is a must item for a hanami picnic and I want to introduce a few of my favorite bento cafes in Manhattan.  BentoOn offers unique on-demand-style bentos. One can pick his or her favorite items from over 20 different carbohydrates, main items (such as proteins), and sides.  All items are well-balanced nutritionally and possess lovely colors — perfect for a party.  BentoOn even delivers!


Neighborhood: Midtown

Mainly Takeout

Lunch time line is long, but moves quick

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    1. ninjanyc Post author

      I did not know that they had potato salad. I like Hijiki there. It is richer taste than offered in other places.

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