Nagomi in Washington DC

I have received inquires from readers of this blog if I know of good Japanese restaurants in other cities – so they can try those while on business trips or leisure travel.

One suggestion is Nagomi — a nice, comfortable and casual izayaka restaurant in Washington, DC. I read an article in a NYC paper about Nagomi – located in the heart of the city and surrounded by a variety of other restaurants of varying cuisines.   Nagomi is a family owned and operated, and in fact, the owner’s son greeted my guest and me and was part of the overall service.


The restaurant offered a very comfortable atmosphere and was super clean – just as I would expect any at Japanese restaurant. The menu was very simple and reminiscent of what I would find in Tokyo. We started with Oshinko, or Japanese pickles, and they were seemingly homemade and definitely delicious. Next were potato croquettes (deep fried mashed potatoes with a light, crispy panko coating), gyoza, and ginger pork. Everything was perfectly prepared and delicious – I could have made an entire meal out of multiple servings of the croquettes (perhaps the best I have ever eaten in the U.S.) and gyoza . . . maybe next time. And it is also important to mention that these selections were each priced in the $5 – $8 range and definitely worth every penny. I ordered the mini salmon-ikura don for dinner and it was expertly prepared and equally delicious.


Even though I was nearly full and could barely eat anything further, I opted for the strawberry mochi ice cream – it was the absolutely perfect ending to a delicious meal.

Price: We paid $120 including tips for all above and few drinks. Satisfying!

Dining along: very comfortable at tables or small counter area


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