Soba Totto

While next-door Sakagura identifies itself as a Tokyo style space, Soba Totto offers a Kyoto style experience. As you can assume from the name, they serve mainly delicious homemade soba noodles and yakitori selection. Yakitori is grilled skewered chicken, but sometime refers to skewered food in general. Totto means chicken in casual Japanese. I have dined here few times for dinner with Japanese friends, and the experience equals that of yakitori bars in Japan.


I personally like to visit here for lunch. In fact, it is popular place among business people with seats filling very quickly. Soba Totto operates very efficiently without the staff being too rude or too slow. The restaurant serves varieties of lunch sets that comes with wafu (Japanese) salad and a choice of warm or cold soba in tasty dashi soup.  Each time I dine here for lunch, I select one of the ‘don’ combos. The menu attracts all types of eaters unless you have restrictions (Halal needs, vegetarian, etc.), and thus far I have tried: Sashimi Tuna Don (soy marinated tuna, grated yam and egg over rice), Salmon Oyako Don (grilled salmon flake, salmon roe and shredded egg over rice), Gindara Miso (miso cured black cod fish). There are xxx number of other choices, and my goal is to complete the list in the near future!


Price range: $20-$35 for lunch

Neighborhood: Midtown

Dress code: Business / Casual

Dining alone: Counter is available


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