Have you ever heard of a rice burger? It looks a hamburger with compressed rice cakes substituted for the buns. The MOS Burger fast food restaurant chain introduced the concept in 1987, and it has become a popular in Japan and East Asia. I really missed that particular taste and looked for an actual MOS Burger location or a similar alternative one weekend. My Swedish colleague suggested that I visit Little Tokyo within the East Village, mainly because that neighborhood attracts new concepts of Japanese food. Luckily I was able to find exactly what I was looking for at Yonekichi. Normally I am not a big eater and one regular hamburger is the perfect amount, but I could not just pick one during this visit! I settled for two choices — Tsukune, a chicken meatball patty, and Mugifuji Pork, a pork BBQ. Both tasted like heaven combined with flashback memories from my high school days when I had something similar as afternoon snacks!



Price: $8-$15 per person

Neighborhood: Little Tokyo, East Village

Dining option: Take out window with small chairs available out front


2 thoughts on “Yonekichi

  1. tamago

    I love this style, too! I particularly like how sometimes the rice is slightly crispy, and the taste combination with beef is super delicious. MOS Burger is awesome (including the combination french fries with onion rings) and I hope it opens in the US!!


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