Wateishoku Kaneda

Mitsuwa Market Place is a Japanese grocery mall that sells Japanese products ranging from food and appliances to books and cosmetics.


Wateishoku Kaneda is one of several food court vendors. Wateishoku (Or teishoku) means “fixed menu” and the entrée often comes with side dishes such as pickled vegetables and miso soup. Together with bento boxes, teishoku was introduced to the US and has become popular among Japanese food lovers. Kaneda offers a popular selection of teishoku. I ordered Tonkatsu Teishoku. I honestly did not have high expectations in terms of quality, however, the Tonkatsu was surprisingly thick and delicious – all for $10.


There is a bus route several times a day from Port Authority. It is a good half-day trip from Manhattan!


Price range: $10-$15

Neighborhood: Technically located in NJ, but good view of Manhattan

Dress code: Casual

Dining Alone: No concerns, very comfortable

Take Out: Yes

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