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Hatsuhana – NYC Restaurant Week Summer 2016

Every summer and winter, NYC Restaurant Week returns with a long list of restaurants in NYC. NYC Restaurant Week is promotional event where almost 400 restaurants offer three-course prix-fixe dining deals for lunch ($29) and dinner ($42). The summer started from Monday, July 25, 2016 and runs to Friday, August 19, 2016. 20 Japanese restaurants are participating this summer. I have already introduced Natsumi in winter 2016, this time I would love to introduce participating Japanese restaurants and their course as many as possible.


Just 2 days after NYC Restaurant Week started, I went to Hatsuhana with friends. Hatsuhana is one of the oldest sushi restaurants that have been a sushi specialty restaurant for 40 years since 1976. Even though usual menu is available, all of us ordered the Restaurant Week course menu.


The meal is supposed to be a three-course deal, but actually it was a five-course with Miso Soup, Salad, Sashimi Appetizer, Large Bento Box and Dessert. This was a great surprise. Sashimi appetizer was marinated tuna with avocado and seaweed. It was wrapped in soy paper. The fried leek added crispy taste. The highlight is a huge Bento box that includes salmon sashimi, fluke sashimi, sesame tofu and 5 kinds of nigiri sushi. I like the salmon sashimi that tasted with creamy scallion sauce. Not only does it ensure the freshest fish possible, but it also carves up the bounty expertly. In addition, you can choose one roll sushi from 12 popular choices. This set is a great deal for seafood lover. We were almost full, but couldn’t resist a little green tea parfait.


I have dined various places during NYC Restaurant Week, but Hatsuhana is one of the best and truly I can recommend all sushi lovers.

Price: three-course prix fixe dining deals for lunch ($29) and dinner ($42).

Neighborhood: Midtown

Dining alone: Yes, there is a nice sushi counter

Delivery: yes